India First, Moving Ahead

Entire Travel & Tourism, Aviation and the Hospitality sector is going through troubled times.

The Question which all of us in the National Board has been debating is: "How do we add value, be relevant & keep the spirits boosted for our Skålleagues" 

The Pandemic has placed our lives on a standstill, but our energies can be utilized with educating ourselves & getting to know our Skålleagues & the products they represent Pan India.

Despite India’s rich cultural heritage, historical monuments, exotic cuisines and different civilizations, the domestic tourism sector remains largely unexplored.

Domestic Tourism has been a major growth driver for many countries and often accounts for over 70% of Travel and Tourism’s contribution to GDP. With India, the figure shoots way higher to an exceptional 90%. The expansion of the domestic tourism sector, as a result, directly stimulates the job market by creating more opportunities. This, in turn, has also given a massive boost to the hotel and hospitality sector and other ancillary industries, catalyzing and generating employment for many.

Skål International India organizes the webinar series on Zoom: Skål International India: India First, Moving Ahead.

Every day from 1:30 PM - 5 PM,  Skål International India offer the slot to its 14 Clubs in alphabetical order, 3 - 4 Skålleagues from that respective club gets to present their hotel/product/destination /airline or the Product they represent. Each Member gets 45 minutes to present the product Including the Question Answer Time.

Link to view/participate in the  Webinar will be mailed to all the Skålleagues Pan India.

Skålleagues interested to present should send in their request to their respective Skål International Club Secretaries with a CC to & by 6th April 2020


1. Only Domestic Destinations /Hotel/Resort/Airline /Product relevant to India.

2. Kindly keep your presentations in PPT Format & Video Formats.

3. Keep it professional - Adhere to Work Clothes /Background with no background audio disturbances.

4. Preferably use good quality headphones/Mike for your presentation.

5. No personal comments /propaganda shall be entertained. 

6. Ensure your home Internet has a good Bandwith for the conference.


1. If using video - keep it professional - Adhere to work clothes/background with no background audio disturbances.

2. Preferably use good quality headphones/microphone for good audio

3. No personal comments/propaganda shall be entertained. 

4. Ensure your home Internet has a good bandwidth for viewing.

Looking forward to active participation from all our Skålleagues. Please note members will be allowed presentation slots on First Come First Serve Basis.