Kevin Rautenbach has been elected President of Skål International Krabi

Skål International Thailand Vice President Kevin Rautenbach has been elected President of Skål International Krabi.

Executive Committee members and delegates appointed the new committee members for 2021-2023 at the annual general meeting of Skål International Krabi. The annual public meeting was held at the Club House of Port Takola Yacht Marina in Krabi, followed by networking aboard eMV Sunseeker.

The newly appointed members will fulfill their positions for a two-year term until 2023. Their two main projects will be expanding their existing community farm projects in the Sustainable Tourism Field and, in conjunction with Skål International Thailand, their #rediscover Destination Marketing Campaigns supporting members' businesses: #rediscoverkrabi #rediscoverthailand

The six-member Executive Committee is made up of some industry veterans and up-and-coming young talented Tourism industry professionals.

  • President: Kevin Rautenbach.

  • Vice President: Wolfgang Grimm.

  • Secretary: Cooper János Horváth.

  • Treasurer: Naathont Chumpon.

  • Marketing & PR: Barbora Víchová.

  • Membership Director: Sam Davies.

Mr. Rautenbach is a seasoned Tourism and Hospitality expert and entrepreneur with a passion for modernization and the hospitality sector's digitalization. A career relocation 17 years ago brought him to Thailand, which has been home ever since.

Wolfgang Grimm, President of Skål International Thailand, welcomed Kevin Rautenbach's election to become President of Skål International Krabi and will continue supporting the club as an active member of the board.