Mourning Ippolito Vincenti Mareri

Ippolito Vincenti Mareri was born of Italian parents in Beijing, China, on August 17, 1935. 

He did his elementary and middle studies at French schools, in Saigon, Indochina, at Chateaubriand in Rome, earning his baccalaureate at the French school in Cairo, Egypt. 

Back in Rome, he graduated in Political Science. Soon after, he left again for Vietnam as Secretary of the Rubber and Coffee Plantation of the Compagnie des Hauts Plateaux Indochinois, in BamMe-Thuot, Darlac, Vietnam. He was then ENIT (Italian Tourism Bureau) Delegate in Geneva for four years, in Tokyo for seven years, in Copenhagen for two years, and in Munich for ten years. Later he was Coordinator Responsible for Communication and Advertising at the ENIT Headquarters and Representative of Italy at the European Travel Commission.

Ippolito was one of the members that created Skål International Roma, expanding it to represent the best tourism enterprises of the time. He was instrumental in defining some of Skål International Rome's international events and was always ready to be involved in whatever club activity.

Ippolito left a great void, and we can honor him by keeping alive his memory.

Paolo Bartolozzi

President Skål International Roma