National activities of Skål International Mexico May-June’21

Skål International Mexico confirms nationwide activities that took place over the last few weeks between the 23 clubs:

Skål International Mérida

Regulatory luncheon

Skål International Merida celebrated its regulatory luncheon in ‘Rosas and Xocolate’. Congratulations! Skål!

Skål International Veracruz

Monthly luncheon

Skål International Veracruz enjoyed their monthly luncheon gathering at ‘Le Chef College’ from their renowned Partner and Skålleague, Chef José Burela Picazo.

Skål International Tijuana – Ensenada

Club dinner

On May 21st,  Skål  International Tijuana – Ensenada had their club dinner, at the ‘Coral Marina’ Hotel with Skålleague host Andres Martinez Bremer.

A nice evening among friends, with an extraordinary menu and karaoke night to celebrate mother´s day. A new Skålleague Edgar Casillas became part of Skål International Tijuana – Ensenada.

Skål International Ciudad de México

Face-to-face event

Skål International Ciudad de México celebrated its first face-to-face event in more than a year with 60 attendees at ‘Hacienda Los Morales’.

They celebrated the twinning they have with Skål International Bogotá and were accompanied by the Ambassador of Colombia in Mexico Dr. Patricia Cardenas, the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City Carlos Mackinlay, and also online streaming was Alejandro Castellanos, Skål International Bogotá President and Carolina from Skål International Boyacá with more than 10 Colombian Skålleagues. 

Skål International Manzanillo - Colima - Costa Alegre 

Monthly luncheon

Skål International Manzanillo - Colima - Costa Alegre had a monthly luncheon presided over by Jorge Enrique Esparza!

Skål International Acapulco 

Monthly dinner

Skål International Acapulco presided by Ivonne Rosado had their monthly dinner at the Hotsson Acapulco Hotel, with the presence as a special guest the Secretary of State Tourism Ernesto Rodríguez Escalona, Naú Aguilera President of Skål International Taxco, and Ricardo Reus taking protest as a new Skålleague.

Skål International Isla Mujeres – Puerto Morelos

Regulatory luncheon

Skål International Isla Mujeres - Puerto Morelos had its 5th regulatory luncheon of the year, with an attendance of 26 Skål International members and distinguished guests.

There was a protest for two new members, Ana Lilia Martinez and Mario Bosque, which our International Councillor Fernando Azcona welcomed them in.

Skål International Cancun


Skål International Cancun had a luncheon at the ‘Dolce Vitae’ which is by one of the Skålleagues Juan Jose Casal.