New Club Skål International Black Sea-Karadeniz

Despite the hard times that Türkiye is facing, the country inaugurated Club number 745 on 24 February, under the name of Skål International Black Sea-Karadeniz, with 15 Founding Member.

Welcome to the Skål International Movement and we wish this Club a long life!

Tourism industry which is one of the major economical sources of the Black Sea region, needs to be developed and organised for being permanent.

To benefit  from the knowledge and skills of our tourism colleagues and share our own experiences with them, has been the basic idea in the establishment of our association.

Club Board of Officers:

  • Mustafa Yavuz: President -Tour Operator – Samsun

  • Ahmet Cobanoglu: Vice President -  Vira Hotel - Sinop

  • Seyit Sen: Treasurer  -Antik Hotel - Sinop

  • Aslı Poyraz: Secretary - Baliktasi City Hotel – Ordu

  • Ülgen  Yavuz: Membership Developer Director -Yavuztur Travel Agency-Samsun

  • Hakan Gumus: Company & Public Relations Director

Name of Founders:

  • Mustafa Yavuz:  Yavuz Tourism & Hotel Management - Samsun

  • Ahmet  Cobanoglu: Hotel Management-Sinop

  • Seyit  Sen: Antik Hotel – Sinop

  • Aslı Poyraz: Balıktasi City Hotel – Ordu

  • Onur Bıyıklı: Sheraton Grand Manager – Samsun

  • Mustafa Yılmaz: Asteria Garden & Spa Hotel  Giresun

  • Ülgen Yavuz: Yavuztur Travel -Samsun

As Skål International Black Sea-Karadeniz Club, our primary goal is to increase the cooperation and friendship among our Club members. To achieve success, public and private sector cooperation in our region will be tried to be ensured.

Following that,we aim to work  in order to create Middle Black Sea destination in Türkiye. Another issue to carry out is to increase the number of our members while working on the above mentioned activities.