New club Skål International North Macedonia

Skål International North Macedonia has been officially approved by the Executive Committee of Skål International.

The club has been assigned number 739, with effect from 20 April 2022.

Welcome to the Skål International Movement and every success!

In the period of the pandemic with Covid 19 when the whole tourism business stopped, the current President of Skål International North Macedonia Filip Stefanoski in a conversation with his PR Manager Ljupcho Tanevski came to the idea that at a time of greatest crisis is the right time to do something new, something big and something that will open new doors for cooperation and conquer new horizons and thus create new opportunities for business development when the crisis is over.

Thus, was born the idea to start establishing a Skål International club in North Macedonia together with the Skål International President Burcin Turkkan and Skål International Izmir, who gave them support in founding the cub in Macedonia. The crisis is over and the time for big things is ahead of us.

The founders of the club are:

  • DMC Balkans - Filip Stefanoski - one of the largest incoming tourism operators in the Balkans.

  • One Media Ljupcho Tanevski - the largest internet news company that has three internet media in Macedonia and promoters of tourism in Macedonia and the Balkans, one in Albania and is in the process of opening a media in Serbia.

  • Voyager - Mimoza Koneska, one of the largest outgoing tour operators in Macedonia, leader in luxury travel to Dubai, Bodrum, Istanbul, Cappadocia and distant destinations.

  • BB Bus - Borce Stevceski, a quality bus company, a transport company that meets all modern standards and covers travel throughout the Balkans.

  • Stevce Dachev - Impact association that fights for eco-tourism and preservation of the environment in Macedonia and a man who introduces high standards in eco-tourism.

The goal of the club in 2022 is to increase the number of members, to build strong connections between members and their connection with Skål International members globally.

During the year, a summit is planned to be held in Skopje, which will be attended by officials from countries in the region, managers of the tourism sector and diplomats.