Skål International Bahrain donates food boxes during Ramadan to needy families

Skål International members in Bahrain join together in a magnificent gesture of kindness and charity by providing food supplies to needy families.

Skål International Bahrain President Mohamed Buzizi explains, ”The idea of food boxes or what we call Ramadan Food Basket has been initiated by Skål International Bahrain over 30 years ago. It started with approximately 100 needy families and today it reaches to 400 families”. The boxes include basmati rice, sugar, tea bags, cooking oil, pasta, tomato sauce, lentils, and milk and each box costs approximately US$ 34. 

Food boxes organised by Skål International Bahrain (Club no. 370) and distributed all over Bahrain for 400 needy families during the holy month of Ramadan.
 The Ramadan Food Baskets contents. 

The money comes from a variety of different sources”, explained Mr. Buzizi, “From direct donation from our members; from member’s companies and our Layman’s Lunch, hosted by the Gulf Hotel Bahrain where the proceeds of the lunch goes to the charity.”

We do the Ramadan Basket distribution every year during the holy month and the number is on the increase as we received many cases asking for help and we try to accommodate as much as we can depending on the budget”, he said. 

Mr. Buzizi went on to explain that the list of the families that are supported either comes from member’s endorsements or through Bahrain associations. The Club Skål International Bahrain conducts a survey among its members and gathers details of families requiring assistance.

The boxes are not distributed directly by our members but the company we bought the food items from who arrange home delivery of the boxes for each family within 48 hours upon the club’s request for delivery”, said President Buzizi.

Sanjay Datta, President of Skål International Asia, in a message to President Buzizi said, “One of the noblest of causes is to feed a hungry soul. Can appreciate enough and do accept my salutations for this most humane cause by you and your club”.

Daniela Otero, CEO of Skål International wrote, "Congratulations on this initiative. It will be a pleasure to share this information with the rest of the members. Please pass on my thanks and warm regards to all those involved".