Skål International Hong Kong AGM 2023

Secrets revealed.

Skål International Hong Kong held its Annual General Meeting on April 21, 2023.

The Executive Committee, local, visiting Skål International Members from overseas and guests, were favoured with a very insightful Lecture on the Secrets of Feng Shui, by visiting Feng Shui Master Ooi Wai Loon from Malaysia, as a highlight of the AGM Lunch on April 21, 2023.

Notwithstanding a very excellent Lunch Menu created by the Head Chef of the MIRA Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, duly orchestrated by the Illustrious GM Mr Alex Wasserman and his F & B Team, it goes without saying that the participants in attendance were hard-pressed to divide their attention between savouring the wonderful 4-course Lunch and at the same time, giving their ‘undivided’ attention and focus to the sage words of Master Ooi.

Feng Shui is a Science. It is not a religion, nor a supernatural myth…” were the first words kicking off Master Ooi’s Lecture. Thereafter, he followed on to give a short background as to how he was introduced to this Science, and why he decided to uptake the mathematical calculative methods of REAL Feng Shui as a career when he was a young adult, following a near-death personal experience where he very nearly succumbed to a critical battle with Dengue Fever.

He surprised the audience when he pointed out very emphatically, that contrary to popular practices, real Feng Shui does not at all entail placing ‘auspicious’ figurines, objects, and other so-called Feng Shui ‘tools’ in various locations of one’s home, office, business, or property.  Simply, Feng Shui is extremely individualistic and is based upon a deduction of the individual’s personal biodata, vis-à-vis, whether it be the family’s patriarch, or company’s boss or leader, or any specific individual consulting for Feng Shui advice for benefitting that individual’s health, wealth, and success.

This deduction is formulated by a mathematical calculation of the individual’s date and time of birth, in accordance or corresponding with the location and direction of specific placements in the home, office, business or property which need to match with and be in harmony with the individual, in order to encapsulate the best positive energy availed, and simultaneously avoid and stay clear of what Feng Shui Masters refer to as “dead” energy. The 3 main placements in the home are the bedroom, the stove, and the main entrance to the property, but not necessarily in that order of priority.

Master Ooi’s no-nonsense direct-approach Lecture was peppered with humour, wit and, a roller-coaster ride of emotions when he shared some personal experiences of himself with some clients.

Amidst the audience’s light chuckles, smiles and soft laughter at Master Ooi’s humour throughout the 90-minute Lecture, the audience was otherwise spellbound. Eyes focused directly on the Speaker, even hotel GMs and the other Hospitality Industry elite, were seen to be surreptitiously on their mobile phones either cancelling or postponing official engagements, so as to capture the entire content and essence of Master Ooi’s Lecture.

At the conclusion of the Lecture Master Ooi was given a resounding applause from the audience and soon after, he was flooded with Members and guests engaging him in a Q & A session.

Master Ooi delivering his Feng Shui Lecture at the Skål International Hong Kong AGM Lunch Event on 21 April 2023.

For the Club’s Raffle, he also donated 3 copies of his exclusive ‘must have’ self-authored book on Feng Shui, which is not available for purchase through retail outlets anywhere in the World.

The three prizes were, quite appropriately, won by 3 hotel GMs who were in attendance!

Master Ooi’s entire Lecture was fully video recorded by Skål International Hong Kong.  He has granted his kind consent for the recording to be shared with Members only.

Master Ooi conducts different themed Feng Shui Lectures in 37 different countries around the World. If your Club would like to invite him to conduct a Lecture in your Territory, please reach out to him directly via his e-mail to enquire about his travel plans for the foreseeable future, so as to establish whether your country is included in them.

To wit, Master Ooi, himself a Skål International Member, has graciously offered to conduct Feng Shui Lectures on a goodwill basis to any and all Skål International Clubs, only.

Rowena Hawkins

Honorary Secretary, Skål International Hong Kong