Skål International Istanbul 66th Anniversary

Skål International Istanbul celebrated its 66th Anniversary with a ‘Celebration Gala’ held at JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea.

Skål International Istanbul members, President Can Arinel and the Board, attended the gala along with Skål International global leaders and other industry personalities.

Among the guests were the Skål International President Burcin Turkkan, Interim Vice President Hulya Aslantas, PR Director Annette Cardenas, Skål International Turkey National Committee members, the Presidents of Skål International clubs in Turkey and Secretary General of Istanbul Tourism Platform Hüseyin Gazi Coşan on behalf of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Hasan Eker on behalf of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB), and Hediye Hüral Gür on behalf of the Hotel Association of Turkey (TÜROB).

Skål International Istanbul 66th Anniversary

Skål International was founded 90 years ago in Paris and Skål International Istanbul was established on June 7, 1956, as Turkey’s first professional non-governmental organization. Skål International Istanbul continues its activities with the main idea of tourism for peace and friendship for 66 years by organizing seminars, conferences and events that will strengthen professionalism in tourism.

“We are honored to serve for the development of tourism for 66 years”.

Skål International Istanbul President Can Arinel delivered a speech at the 66th Anniversary Gala. He stated that they are honored to serve for Turkish and world tourism as one of the biggest Skål International clubs under the umbrella of Skål International, which includes 310 clubs and close to 13.000 members in 95 countries.

Arinel said that for 66 years, they have been working to develop sectoral relations that put friendship and goodwill at the forefront, and continued his words as follows: “We trust in our country and believe that tourism will create an environment of peace and brotherhood and the sisterhood by building bridges between cultures. We see the importance of tourism not only in creating economic value, but also due to its effects on the social and cultural structure of the society, and we emphasize at every opportunity that it is the security of our country’s future”.

Skål International is the most widespread and well-established international tourism non-governmental organization in which world tourism professionals work for global tourism and friendship. It is the only organization in the world that gathers all branches of travel and tourism industry on a global scale together. Its mission is to develop professionalism with friendships and leadership and to work for a ‘reliable and responsible Tourism Industry’ by using this feature to the maximum.