Skål International London February Cocktail

Skål International London held a Cocktail Cooking Class & Nibbles Event at Paradigm Spirits Co. on February 21, 2023.

Members and guests experienced a fun and interactive hand-crafted Cocktail Making Class complimented with delicious farm-to-table appetizers.

A big thank you to Irma Joeveer and Michelle Debus, co-founders of Paradigm Spirits Co., Luca Monti, our member with 100 Kellogg, and of course, the best mixologists in the house, Nick, Nick and Tyson.

Paradigm Spirits Co. was created by passionate craft spirits entrepreneurs with a vision to build a distillery with a fabulous destination location, and they found it at Kellogg Lane in London, Ontario, Canada. Paradigm is a young craft distillery, having opened their doors in December of 2020. The former Kellogg processing facility presented a unique opportunity to produce spirts using many of the same ingredient used in the cereal production that a grown and harvested within the region.

From left to right: Alon Gurman (guest), George Thomas (member/board), Karen Dowhan (guest), Jorge Montalvo (guest), Emanuela Frongia (member/board), Sandy Thomas (guest), Annette Lee (guest), Georgia Raso (member/president), Nadia McCormack-McIntyre (member/board), Effie Gurman (guest)

From left to right: Mixologists Nick, Nick, Tyson

Paradigm Spirits Co.

Farm-to-Table Appetizers