Skål International Switzerland push Young Skål

Skål International Switzerland President David Fontanella participated in a webinar held on 11th May 2021 organized by SSSAT students.

The State Tourism and Hotel Management School (SSSAT) trains managers and staff for the entire tourism industry, namely hotels, bars, restaurants, leisure-time management companies, travel, transport companies, etc.

SSSAT is an institute of the Canton of Ticino, officially recognized by the Swiss Confederation, and is part of the commercial vocational school (ICEC) of the canton of Ticino (Switzerland). SSSAT is divided into two sections: Hospitality Management and Tourism Management.

The aim of the students was to permit them to discover the training courses using the five senses, with a mystery box game.

The webinar, called 'Your full multisensory discovery',  was divided into two separated parts: in the first part, the students presented the school to local touristic companies. The second part was dedicated to local companies to present themselves and attract these new potential managers.

The school organized this webinar also to show to their students the various possibilities to connect with their future employers and the connections they can create once they are (young) professionals.

I explained to them all the advantages of joining our Skål International network as soon as possible as a Young Skål International member.

I decided to participate (promoting Skål International) as we as Skål International are the most prominent 'connectivity system' that they will have in their future!!!

Skål International can (and must) be their best entry point to the tourism industry, getting in touch with local and global companies, entities, and industries.

David Fontanella 

President and International Councillor

Skål International Switzerland