‘Skål Tourism Quality Award 2021’, 85th Anniversary of Skål International Wien and the Austrian National Skål Day

‘Skål Tourism Quality Award 2021’ High distinction for Tourism Director Norbert Kettner, Managing Director Wien Tourism. 85th Anniversary of Skål International Wien and the Austrian National Skål Day were celebrated on October 15, 2021, as part of a special gala event in the ‘Grand Salon’ of the beautiful Grand Hyatt Vienna hotel.

In connection with this celebration was also, the presentation of the ‘Skål Tourism Quality Award 2021’ to Norbert Kettner, Managing Director of Wien Tourism for his extraordinary achievements to the tourism of the City of Vienna awarded by Skål International Austria.

For 14 years he has been directing together with his creative team the providences of the Vienna Tourist Board and has also been responsible for many globally recognized highly successful projects.

Skål international Vienna is particularly pleased about this honorable distinction of its member Norbert Kettner.

Dr. Franz Heffeter, President Skål International Austria, Christian Böhm, Vice President Skål International Wien, Mario Rehulka, Honorary President Skål International Vienna & Austria, and Birger Bäckman, the former World President of Skål International, Sylvia Liebisch, Membre D’Honneur Skål International as well as all Austrian Skål Presidents and many members of the six Austrian Clubs (Wien, Tyrol, Zell am See, Salzburg, Salzkammergut and Linz) joined in the celebration.

Opera & operetta singer Prof. Marcela Cerno and pianist Reg. Rat Prof. Johann Turek provided the charming musical background.