Ashley Munn, Skålleague of the Month - February'22


Ashley Munn

Skålleague of the Month - February'22

Skål International Broome, Australia

This time we highlight Ashley Munn, from Skål International Broome, Australia, as Skålleague of the month.

Let's find out more about him!

As the current Vice President of Skål International Australia, Ash is responsible for the Communications & PR portfolio and has held this position for the past two years. As a proud member of Skål International Broome since 2013, Ash has served in multiple positions including Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President before his appointment to the Skål International Australia Executive Board.

Much of Ash’s focus in the Communications portfolio has been keeping the Australian and Oceania members connected and supported during the COVID pandemic through Australia’s content heavy, interactive, and very resourceful monthly e-send. Ash was also instrumental in Australia being one of the first Skål International countries to host a very successful Hybrid National Congress. Ash is currently working on the Australian website rollout and played an integral part in the seamless transition to the digital transformation across Skål International Australia.

Adapting to the on-going COVID challenges has meant we have had to embrace modern day technology and the ever-advancing digital world to maximise our networking capabilities and support our members”.

Whilst comfortable navigating the digital world, Ash is also passionate about Membership Development and Engagement with a strong desire to increase membership across Australia, and to work closely and collaboratively with neighbouring countries to strengthen and grow the Oceania region. In addition, largely focusing on the membership value propositions to further promote growth, retention, and engagement.

It is essential for the future and success of the organisation, that we continue encouraging and promoting a professional network of contacts around the world that is relevant, and of value to the members. We need to continuously adapt and evolve by listening to our members needs and create new ways to engage and interact with the next generation”.

Having a wealth of experience in the aviation, travel and tourism sectors, Ash is Co-Owner and Director of Air Kimberley, an aviation charter and scenic company specialising in remote air services and unforgettable tour experiences exploring Australia’s Northwest.

A commercial pilot himself, Ash has been flying planes since he was 15 years of age. After living in France for five years working in hospitality management, Ash moved to Broome in 2009 to continue his aviation career as a pilot and tour guide. Following a couple of seasons flying throughout the Kimberley, Ash took an eight-year break from aviation and returned to hotel management. Working for Minor Hotels as Executive Hotel Manager, Ash was responsible for overseeing two properties in their Oaks portfolio. Skål International has played a huge role in Ash’s career path to becoming a very successful business owner.

It’s through the very foundations of Skål International, Doing Business Amongst Friends and the platform that Skål International provides to network and build business relationships which resulted in the acquisition of Air Kimberley four years ago”.

For me, Skål International is about building connections globally with likeminded professionals, passionate about tourism. To create new business relationships and opportunities, and everlasting friendships. As an industry executive, I understand and appreciate the value of Skål International, and how important it is to create those connections on both a personal and professional level”.