Digital Platform Tips: Online Meeting Etiquette

Well, we are officially in 2021 and Zoom is still very much a well-known term in most households. 

I do not know anyone that has not attended an online meeting, but who knows what’s correct online meeting etiquette. 

Here are a few tips to ensure a great experience for all:

  • Wear trousers! And a shirt of course! It goes without saying… Just in case you need to get up for any reason. If this simply is not possible, please turn your video off before you get up!

  • Make sure you are sitting in a well-lit room. We want to be able to see your face clearly.

  • Keep your microphone muted. We all have background noise whether you are working from home or in an office. It is very distracting to the speaker if there is background noise. Don’t be this person.

  • Have a clean, work appropriate background or use a virtual background. We do not want to be distracted by mess or clutter. People will start talking!

  • Frame yourself. Sit up straight. Ensure the camera is at eye level. Sit close to the camera so your face is the focal point. Social distancing doesn’t apply to online meetings!

  • Please eat before or after your meeting. If we see you eating, we want to eat too. Focus is now on food, not the topic of the meeting.

  • If you are the host, please ensure that you introduce all participants. This will create a welcoming environment and stimulate engagement.

  • Be polite. If you wish to speak, please use the ‘raise your hand’ feature. This allows the speaker to finish their point and lets them know you wish to respond.

  • Use the engagement tools. It can be quite draining to sit and look at a screen for hours on end. Share your screen, communicate via chat, use the breakout rooms. Keep your audience engaged.

  • If you are the host, please ensure that all participants have left first. It is not a good look to bail on your own party!

  • Record your meetings. Whether this be to remind yourself of a meeting outcome or see how you can improve yourself. 

I hope these tips help with your next online meeting! 

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Fiona Nicholl

Vice President Skål International

Innovation, Technology, Digital/Online Platforms and Organizational Structure

Membership Engagement: Asia