#TopSkålleagues January'24: #empoweringdiversity

Acknowledging Skål International's General Secretariat Team

In the dynamic world of global organizations, effective leadership often takes center stage.

Skål International is no exception. 

While individual leaders are typically recognized for their contributions, it's crucial to shed light on the collective force driving the organization's success – our General Secretariat team in Torremolinos.

Comprising five wonderful women, the General Secretariat team at Skål International forms the brain of the organization, orchestrating and coordinating the intricate workings that keep this entity running smoothly. Their unwavering commitment, hard work, and tireless efforts deserve a moment in the spotlight.

Skål International's General Secretariat Team (from left to right): Ana María Vera, Yolanda Sánchez, Esther Romero, Carmina Cervera and Sandra Vera.

These powerful women navigate the complexities of administration, ensuring that Skål International operates seamlessly on a global scale. Their roles encompass a diverse range of responsibilities, from managing communications and logistics to overseeing membership services and event coordination. In essence, the General Secretariat team serves as the backbone, providing the organizational stability that enables Skål International to thrive.

In a world where female leadership is increasingly recognized and celebrated, the General Secretariat team at Skål International stands as a testament to the positive influence women can have in steering global organizations towards prosperity. Their collaborative spirit and ability to navigate challenges with precision make them an invaluable asset to the Skål International family.

In honoring the General Secretariat team, we extend our deepest gratitude for their unwavering commitment, professionalism, and invaluable contributions to the success of Skål International. Here's to the women who are always #buildingbridges and embody the spirit of Skålleagues – your efforts do not go unnoticed, and the organization is profoundly grateful for your outstanding dedication.

Ana María Vera

Joined Skål International in 1995.

Position: Secretary


  • Coordination of the General Secretariat.

  • Ensure compliance of the requirements established in the Statutes and By-laws in respect of the association’s working proceedings, deadlines and governance at international level, and perform all related administrative duties.

  • Provide support service to the President and the Executive Board.

  • Coordinate the production of Skål International publications and communications.

  • Statutes & By-laws.

  • Translations.

Yolanda Sánchez

Joined Skål International in 1998.

Position: Accounting & Finances/DPO/HHRR


  • Elaborate the accounts to know the level of compliance with the budget.

  • Monitor that the association fulfills all fiscal and legal obligations.

  • Control the cash flow and payable and receivable accounts.

  • Relationship with the bank, authorities, fiscal and legal advisers and auditors.

  • Data Protection Officer of the Association.

  • HHRR Department.

Sandra Vera

Joined Skål International in 2004.

Position: Membership, Development & Awards


  • Membership database maintenance and update working closely with and offering support to Clubs and National Committees.

  • Liaison with Clubs and Trustees concerning requests for assistance to the Membership Development Fund.

  • Facilitate information/requirements for the creation of new Clubs.

  • Provide updates, statistics and reports on membership and development.

  • Manage the Sustainable Tourism Awards, Club of the Year and Membership Increase programs.

  • Twinning of Skål International Clubs.

  • Skål International Boutique orders.

Esther Romero

Joined Skål International in 2006.

Position: Congress, Meetings and Trade Fairs


  • Oversee strategic planning, organisation, and seamless execution of the Skål International World Congress and Congress bids procedure for the smooth and successful operation of all related activities, from pre-event preparations to on-site management.

  • Organisation of the in-person Executive Board meeting.

  • Barter agreements with trade fairs and onsite arrangements.

Carmina Cervera

Joined Skål International in 2023.

Position: IT Coordinator


  • Support the association by maintaining/improving technology to enhance productivity.

  • Coordination of technological projects, web maintenance, optimisation of the association's digital tools and work processes for the Executive Board and Committees.

  • Maintain the relationship with the various suppliers of the IT services used.